Iran made 33 rpm records; a non-complete discography of Persian reproduced vinyl LPs      
by: Sanjar Sarabandi & Amir Mansour          
1- Reproduction of Western music in different genres on vinyl records in Iran are reported here based on their labels and is a guide for the record collectors.    
2- All of listed LPs had released as limited copies and this fact make them valuable and collecteble.        
3- Between these producers just Royal has Persian, Arabic and Indian LPs.        
  Hit LPs              
label preNo. No.   title genre artist/band Matrix No.  
Hit SHLP- 600   Z Soundtrack Mikis Theodorakis    
Hit SHLP- 601   Big Hit Rock compilation Various artists   Unique Cover
Hit SHLP- 602   Get ready Album Rare Earth/ The Guess Who    
Hit SHLP- 603   Abraxas Album Santana   Unique Cover
Hit SHLP- 604   Sex Machine Album James Brown LH9/10  
Hit SHLP- 605   III Album Led Zeppelin LH11/12  
Hit SHLP- 606   Lie back and enjoy it Album Juicy Lucy    
Hit SHLP- 607   Ecology Album Rare Earth    
Hit SHLP- 608   Pendulum Album Creedence Clearwater Revival    
Hit SHLP- 609   All things must pass Album George Harrison   Single Lp Compilation
Hit SHLP- 610   If (Same) Album If   Unique Cover
Hit SHLP- 611   Sweetheart Album Engelbert Humperdinck    
Hit SHLP- 612   In Philadelphia Live Wilson Pickett LH25/26  
Hit SHLP- 613   28 top hits for dancing Album james Last    
Hit SHLP- 614   Gypsy Album Werrner Muller and his orchestra    
Hit SHLP- 615   Love Story Soundtrack      
Hit SHLP- 616   sticky fingures Album Rolling stones   Unique Cover
Hit SHLP- 617   Love Story Album Johnny Matis    
Hit SHLP- 618   Greatest Hits Rock compilation Various artists   Unique Cover
Hit SHLP- 619   Encore Album Jose Feliciano    
Hit SHLP- 620   the best of Aphrodite's Child Compilation Aphrodite's Child LH41/42 Unique Cover
Hit SHLP- 621   Elton John (Same) Album Elton John   Unique Cover
Hit SHLP- 622   Third Album Album Santana LH45/46  
Hit SHLP- 623   Fireball Album Deep Purple    
Hit SHLP- 624   One world Album Rare Earth A49/B50  
Hit SHLP- 625   Shaft Soundtrack Issac Hayes    
Hit SHLP- 626   Teaser & the Firecat Album Cat Stevens   Unique Cover
Hit SHLP- 627   Electric Warrior Album T Rex    
Hit SHLP- 628   Symphonies Album Album Waldo De Los Rios    
Hit SHLP- 629   woyaya Album Osibisa    
Hit SHLP- 630   et son grand orchestra Album Frank Pourcel    
Hit SHLP- 631   Harvest Album Neil Young    
Hit SHLP- 632   American Pie Album Don Mclean    
Hit SHLP- 633   Nilsson Schmilsson (Same) Album Nilsson Schmilsson    
Hit SHLP- 634   America (Same) Album America    
Hit SHLP- 635   Machine Head Album Deep Purple    
Hit SHLP- 636   Dia prometido Album K. Missaghian & F. J. Amenabar    
Hit SHLP- 637   Fiddler on the roof 1 Soundtrack      
Hit SHLP- 638   Fiddler on the roof 2 Soundtrack      
  Royal LPs              
There are some duplicated LRT numbers (36, 39 & 69), may be a mistake in serial numbers (instead of 35. 38 & 40) and the other numbers have not been found yet.    
label preNo. No.   title kind artist matrix No.  
Royal LRT 1   Great Performances Compilation the Ventures LAJ101/102 Unique Cover
Royal LRT 2   Mauriat slows Album Paul Mauriat LAJ103/104  
Royal LRT 3   et son grand orchestra Album Frank Pourcel LAJ105/106  
Royal LRT 4   Sexy slow tenderly Album Fausto  Papetti LAJ107/108  
Royal LRT 5   The great Tom Jones Compilation Tom Jones LAJ109/110  
Royal LRT 6   That's soul 3 Compilation Various artists LAJ111/112  
Royal LRT 7   Soul directions Album Arthur Conley LAJ113/114  
Royal LRT 8   Ragazzo che sorride Album Albano LAJ115/116  
Royal LRT 9   Nero's Detroit soul party Album Paul Nero sound LAJ117/118  
Royal LRT 10   Say it loud I 'm black and I 'm proud Album James Brown LAJ119/120  
Royal LRT 11   Engelbert Album Engelbert Humperding    
Royal LRT 12   In the midnight hour Album Wilson Pickett    
Royal LRT 13   Doctor Zhivago Soundtrack      
Royal LRT 14   Hair Original cast      
Royal LRT 15   Tom Album Tom Jones    
Royal LRT 16   Green river Album Creedence Clearwater Revival LAJ131/132
Royal LRT 17   Hello Dolly Soundtrack      
Royal LRT 18   10 to 23 Compilation Jose Feliciano LAJ135/136
Royal LRT 19   Bridge over trouble water Album Simon & Garfunkel LAJ137/138
Royal LRT 20   Thousand fingure man Album Candino    
Royal LRT 21   Mountain Album Lesli West LAJ141/142
Royal LRT 22   In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Album Iron Butterfly LAJ143/144
Royal LRT 23   Romeo And Juliet Album Johnny mathis    
Royal LRT 24   At home Album Shocking blue LAJ147/148 Unique Cover
Royal LRT 25   1st (Same) Album Steppenwolf LAJ149/150
Royal LRT 26   Souled Album Jose feliciano    
Royal LRT 27   Bayou country Album Creedence Clearwater Revival LAJ153/154
Royal LRT 29   Willy and the poor boys Album Creedence Clearwater Revival LAJ157/158
Royal LRT 30   Barabajagal Album Donovan    
Royal LRT 31   live at the Olympia in concert Live Charles Aznavour    
Royal LRT 32   Shur symphony Mugam Album F. Amirov LAJ163/164
Royal LRT 33   I love you Album Eddie Holman    
Royal LRT 34   word pictures Album Bobby Goldsboro LAJ167/168
Royal LRT 36   Love is blue Album the Dells LAJ169/170
Royal LRT 36 A Le premiere etoile Album Mireille Mathieu LAJ171/172
Royal LRT 37   Do the funky chicken Album Rufus Thomas   stereo
Royal LRT 39   Same Album Francoise Hardy    
Royal LRT 39   Ecology Album Rare Earth LAJ177/178 stereo
Royal LRT 41   she's a lady Album Tom Jones    
Royal LRT 42   surprise party No. 1 Compilation Various artists LAJ179/180 stereo
Royal LRT 43   Melodies from orient Album Orchestra Tewtic el Basha LAJ185/186
Royal LRT 44   Arabian night Album Ron Goodwin & his orchestra    
Royal LRT 45   Sound Of silence Album Simon & Garfunkel LAJ180/181 stereo
Royal LRT 46   mireille … mireille Album Mireille Mathieu LAJ182/183 stereo
Royal LRT 48   She's a lady Album Tom Jones    
Royal LRT 49   Sweetheart Album Engelbert Hamperding    
Royal LRT 52   Hair goes Latin Album Edmund Ros & his orchestra   stereo
Royal LRT 53   Frank Pourcel & his orchestra Album Frank Pourcel LAJ205/206 stereo
Royal LRT 54   Love story Soundtrack      
Royal LRT 55   Las vegas Album Tony christie    
Royal LRT 56   Same Album Curtis Mayfield    
Royal LRT 57   Another time another place Album Engelbert Hamperding    
Royal LRT 58   super bad Album James Brown LAJ215/216 stereo
Royal LRT 59   saxslowphone Album Fausto  Papetti    
Royal LRT 60   Mamy blue Album Paul Mauriat LAJ219/220 stereo
Royal LRT 61   Something Album Shirley Bassey LAJ221/222 stereo
Royal LRT 62   I gotcha Album Joe Tex LAJ223/224 stereo
Royal LRT 63   Machine Head Album Deep Purple LAJ225/226 stereo
Royal LRT 64   Frank Pourcel Album Frank Pourcel LAJ227/228 stereo
Royal LRT 65   Friends Soundtrack Elton john    
Royal LRT 66   dia prometido Album K. Missaghian & F. J. Amenabar LAJ231/232 stereo
Royal LRT 67   Woyaya Album Osibisa LAJ233/234 stereo
Royal LRT 68   Heads Album Osibisa LAJ235/236 stereo
Royal LRT 69   Shaft Big Score Soundtrack      
Royal LRT 69 RL Hot Hits 1973 (Film) Compilation      
Royal LRT 70   Caravanserai Album Santana    
Royal LRT 71   12 racolta Album Fausto Papetti LAJ241/252 stereo
Royal LRT 72   Close up Album Tom Jones LAJ243/254 stereo
Royal LRT 73   In time Album Engelber Hamperding LAJ245/246 stereo
Royal LRT 74   Catch bull at four Album Cat Stevens LAJ247/258 stereo
Royal LRT 75   V Album Chicago LAJ249/250 stereo
Royal LRT 76   West meets East Album Yehudi Menuhin * Ravi Shankar LAJ251/252 stereo
Royal LRT 77   mireille Mathieu chante francis lai Album Mireille Mathieu   stereo
Royal LRT 78   IV Album Led zeppelin LAJ255/256 stereo
Royal LRT 79 #NAME? Seventh Sojourn Album Moody Blues LAJ257/258 stereo
Royal LRT 80   The best of Otis Redding Compilation Otis redding LAJ259/260 stereo
Royal LRT 81   The Godfather Soundtrack      
Royal LRT 82   On the Greek side of my mind Album Demis Roussos L 263&264
Royal LRT 83   who do we think we are? Album Deep purple LAJ264/265
Royal LRT 84   house of the holly Album Led zeppelin    
Royal LRT 85   idiote je t'aime… Album Charles Aznavour LAJ269/270
Royal LRT 86   And I Love you so Album Shirley Bassey    
Royal LRT 87   Whos next Album The Who    
Royal LRT 88   Sound 73 Album Les Humpheries singers & orchestra LAJ275/476 stereo
Royal LRT 89   Rhythm & Blues Album Paul Mauriat LAJ277/478 stereo
Royal LRT 90   Super fly Soundtrack Curtis Mayfield LAJ279/280 stereo
Royal LRT 91   forever and ever Album Demis Roussos LAJ281/282 stereo
Royal LRT 92   Masterpiece Album Temptations L283/284 stereo
Royal LRT 93   Summer memories, The sudurb sounds Album Paul Mauriat LAJ285/286 stereo
Royal LRT 94   Eagle rock Album Titanic    
  Monde / Mond LPs            
label preNo. No.   title kind artist    
mond LP 1001   Nel sole (Same) Album Albano    
monde LP 1004   No. 11 Album Franck Pourcel    
mond LP 1005   Underground fire Album The Ventures    
mond LP 1006   Hit 68 Compilation Various Artists    
mond LP 1008   Idea Album The Bee Gees    
monde LP 1009   Engelbert Album Engelbert Humperdinck    
MOND   1010   Aretha in Paris Live Aretha Franklin    
MOND   1012   Otis Redding at the whisky a go go Live Otis Redding    
MOND   1012   I 'm in love Album Wilson Pickett    
MOND   1013   Mauriat slows Album Paul Mauriat    
MOND   1016   Soul Seller Compilation Various Artists    
mond   1017   This Is Tom Jones Album Tom Jones    
mond   1018   The Midnight Mover Album Wilson Pickett    
monde LP 1019   help yourself Album Tom Jones    
MOND   1020   Delilah Album Tom Jones    
MOND   1021   At the talk of the town Live Tom Jones    
    1022   Le grand orchestre de Paul Mauriat Album Paul Mauriat    
mond   1023   cent mille chanson Album Paul Mauriat    
mond   1024   Mauriat Slows Album Paul Mauriat    
    1025   Rare, Precious and beautiful Vol. 2 Compilation Bee Gees    
mond LP 1028   13 smash hits Compilation Tom Jones 2 covers  
monde   1031   Hey Jude Album Wilson Pickett    
monde   1034   Love is the thing Album Nat "King" Cole    
monde   1035   Stanly Black and his orchest Album Stanley Black & his orchestra    
monde   1036   Tom Jones Album Tom Jones    
mond   1038   The Graduate "Le Laureat" Soundtrack Simon & Garfunkel    
monde   1040   Engelbert Humperdinck Album Engelbert Humperdinck    
monde   1042   Yerevan Album Marc Aryan    
monde   1042   Casatschok Album Alexandrov Karazov    
monde   1043   This is Arabia Album Tawfic el Basha Orchestra    
monde   1043   Sexy slow tenderly Album Fausto Papetti    
MONDE LP 1044   More of Monde Compilation Various Artists    
monde   1045   Rain … Light my fire Compilation Jose Felicsiano    
    1046   Sax 10 Album Fausto Papetti    
MONDE LP 1047   The unbeatable James Brown Album James Brown    
monde   1048   16 big hits Compilation Tom Jones    
monde LP 1050   Soul and the popcorn Album James Brown    
MONDE LP 1051   1st (Same) Album The Jackson 5    
MONDE LP 1052   McCartney Album Paul McCartney    
MONDE LP 1055   II Album Led Zeppelin    
MONDE LP 1058   Let It Be Album The Beatles    
MONDE LP 1059   firework Album Jose Felicsiano    
MONDE LP 1060   We made it happen Album Engelbert Humperdinck    
MONDE LP 1061   right on Album Wilson Pickett    
monde LP 1062   bridge over troubled water Album Simon & Garfunkel    
monde LP 1063   cosmos factory Album Creedence clearwater revival    
mounde LP 1064   Second Album Adiss Harmandyan    
mounde LP 1065   First Album Adiss Harmandyan    
monde LP 1066   I who have nothing Album Tom Jones    
monde LP 1067   A question of balance Album The Moody Blues    
  Imperial LPs              
label preNo. No.   title kind artist    
Imperial AL1 BM-503-4 10"   Compilation Tom Jones Blue Cover  
Imperial AL2 BM-505-6 10"   Compilation Tom Jones Red/Pink Cover  
Imperial AL3 BM-507-8 10"   Compilation Tom Jones Blue Cover  
Imperial AL4 BM-505-6 10"   Compilation Tom Jones Yellow/Pink Cover  
Imperial AL5 BM-518-9 10"   Compilation Tom Jones Gold Cover  
Imperial AL1 BM-524-5 10" Mr. soul & the famous flames Compilation James Brown    
Imperial AL2 BM-534-5 10" Mr. soul & the famous flames Compilation James Brown    
Imperial AL3 BM-522-534 10" Mr. soul  Compilation James Brown (side 1), Jimi Hendrix (side 2)  
Imperial   BM-523-4   Cold Sweet Album James Brown    
Imperial   BM-515-6     Album James Brown    
Imperial   BM-511-2 10" The Lonely ball Album Herb alpert And Tijuana Brass    
Imperial   BM-526-27 10" Hit Party Album Pauk Nero    
Imperial   BM-521-2 10" Engelbert Album Engelbert Humperdinck    
Imperial   AF-501-2 10" Shur Album F.Amirov    
Imperial   BM-517-8 10" Rhythm And Blues Album Paul Mauriat    
Imperial   BM-513-4 10"   Album Mary Hopkin    
Imperial R 554 12" lady madonna Album Paul Mauriat    
Imperial R 555 12" I remember No. 4 Album Fausto Papetti    
Imperial 556 12" The Best Of Compilation Ventures Unique Cover  
Imperial 557 12" Impact Of Album Gary Blake And His Orchestra    
Imperial 558 12" Jimi Hendrix plays sings Curtis Night sings strange things Album Curtis Night & Jimi Hendrix    
  KAMMA LPs              
label preNo. No.   title kind artist    
Kama KLP 100   Abby Road Album The Beatles Unique Cover  
Kama KLP 101   The Best of Jose Feliciano Compilation Jose Feliciano Unique Cover  
Kama KLP 102   The Best of Tom Jones Compilation Tom jones Unique Cover  
Kama KLP 103   The Best of Engelbert Humperdinck Compilation Engelbert Humperdinck Unique Cover  
Kama KLP 104   The Best of Marc Aryan Compilation Marc Aryan Unique Cover  
Kama KLP 105   1st Album Santana    
Kama KLP 106   Willy and the poor boys Album Creedence clearwater revival    
Kama KLP 107   Tom Album Tom Jones