Tapes period in Persian discography

by: Amir Mansour


Producing vinyl records by Iranian factories ended in 1977 and cassette tapes were spreading in Iran and replacing the vinyl records since early 70's because of the longer time and simply using tapes. Tape players were smaller than record players and tape recording was making a better situation for them. so, everybody was able to record wanted voices and make wanted compilations.

Some of the record labels like "Caspian" and "Stereo Disco" were also releasing tapes beside vinyl records. Some of tape producers or stores were just making selections of Iranian artists. Avang, Argaman, CHeshmak, Caspian, Stereo Disco, Stereo Pop 19, Stereo Bahman, Stereo Avisa, CBS, Stereo Chang, Damon, Stereo Sara, ... are some of Persian audio tape labels and some others like "Sonny, MOM, El Cordobes, Tumba, ... were reproducing different styles of Western music on tapes.

To complete the Persian discography, released Iranian tapes have a great role specially for the years 1977 to 1982. During these years, there are some songs and Hymns, just had a unique release or were made of the Islamic Revolution and the people movement atmosphere. Focusing on the photos of the below gallery shows the name of some unique songs or performances.


Some formal centers like IRIB (Iranian Radio & Tv.), Kanoon e Parvaresh e Fekri e Koodakan va Nojavanan, Soroush publications, had produced tapes must be documented for Persian discography. A compilation named "37 years of Radio broadcasting in Iran" in 3 cassettes were  a valuable selection released in 1978.

CBS company started its life in Iran in 1976/7 by producing vinyl LPs and cassettes as albums and on its own tapes to 1980.

Tapes were the main media for listening to audio works up to early 2000's